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We have experience in counseling many facets of copyright protection and enforcement.

Copyright protects original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible form of expression. In copyright law, there are many different types of works, such as paintings, photographs, music, software, books, blog posts, and movies.

We assist our clients in the protection of their works by providing advice and assistance in deciding what protections may be available; handling the formalities of the registration process; interpreting the many different rights provided by copyright; determining who is a copyright owner and analyzing issues covering lawful rights to utilize a third parties copyrighted under “fair use” principles.

Copyright type issues are often mishandled or misconstrued. For businesses, ownership claims can be tricky when working with third parties to create new marketing materials, a web site, a software APP, or any other creative work that is made by someone else.

Ownership issues can become complicated when businesses, or other parties besides the person who creates the work are involved. Copyright law allows ownership through “works made for hire,” which establishes that works created by an employee within the scope of employment are owned by the employer. The work made for hire doctrine also applies to certain independent contractor relationships, for certain types of commissioned works. Proactive involvement key be the key to clearly establishing ownership or a mere license right.

The freedom of access on the web media creates a very difficult environment for the owner’s enforcement rights since many believe easy access equals freedom to use. When permission should be sought can be done only with a focus on legal exceptions or in some cases a reliance on public domain works. Exceptions and limitations such as “fair use”, or the “first sale doctrine,” are fact based for application. This analysis is vitally important since if done wrong, a party can be subject to significant monetary damages, paying for legal fees and injunctions that could greatly impact a viable business.

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Ruggiero IP and its lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience practicing intellectual property law, and a strong passion to service clients on key aspects of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret and related transactional matters. We strive to deliver important legal advice and services to clients in a focused and cost-manageable way. Our primary goal is to offer client services that provide solutions to complex issues utilizing the highest standards of professionalism.

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