Dr. Grace Hsu, Ph.D.

Of Counsel

(203) 293‐8924

Practice Areas


Dr. Grace Hsu, Ph.D., J.D. has 30 years of patent law experience in pharmaceutical corporate law departments, law firms and at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Dr. Hsu’s practice focuses on patent strategy, examining, drafting, prosecuting and managing global patent application portfolios, procuring patents, conducting intellectual property (IP) due diligence, rendering patentability analysis/opinions, rendering freedom to operate analysis/opinions, and providing worldwide client counseling on IP related matters.  

Dr. Hsu earned her Ph.D. in Organic and Organometallic Chemistry, with a dissertation directed to transition metal mediated organic synthesis, incorporating synthesis of organic compounds and transition metal complexes, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Dr. Hsu was a postdoctoral research medicinal chemist in the Discovery Medicinal Chemistry Division of Lederle Laboratories, American Cyanamid (now, Pfizer) working on HIV-protease Inhibitors and anti-tumor agents syntheses and continued on as a process development discovery research chemist Agricultural Division, American Cyanamid (now, BASF). 

Dr. Hsu has extensive experience working on chemical/biological science related technologies, which include: 

  • therapeutic areas: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, metabolic diseases or disorders (inc. cardiovascular), respiratory, HIV, psychiatry, oncology, sirtuins, neurosciences, immunology and rheumatology.  
  • technology areas: organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, biological, biopharmaceutical and biotechnological areas, such those specifically directed to traditional organic and organometallic compounds (natural or synthesized products, conjugates, intermediates, metabolites, linear and cyclic peptides of 40 amino acids or less, monoclonal antibodies, oligonucleotides, etc., and homogeneous and heterogenous catalysis;  
  • corresponding simple and complex formulation/composition technologies, treatment methods, chemical process of making, delivery devices, mechanisms of action and/or related technologies. 

Dr. Hsu was Senior Patent Counsel at GlaxoSmithKline for 17 years and was Senior Patent Counsel at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson for 3 years. As primary corporate patent attorney, her responsibilities included: 

  • developing global patent strategies for early, mid and late stage patent applications or portfolios (i.e., e.g., of branded products, such as COREG®, COREG CR®, TOPOTECAN®, SOLEFENICIN®, RELAFEN®, DYNACIRC®, etc. or late stage clinical assets, such as GEPOTIDACIN®, PTG-200, PN-232, PN-235 or JNJ-2113 identified in published press releases); 
  • drafting, prosecution and management of global (U.S. and Foreign) patent applications and portfolios; 
  • providing instructions to agents on foreign prosecution and oppositions;  
  • conducting IP due diligence and rendering review, analysis and opinions on potential in-licensing opportunities, external patent estates, related documents/data, patentability and freedom to operate opinions;